December 4th

I’ve been looking forward to our date all week!!  Josh has been telling me about Dim Sum ever since he went to Hong Kong.  He has craved it ever since.  So we found a “good” dim sum place in SLC so I could try it……It was okay.  The little dumpling bread balls were pretty delicious.  Everything else was…fine.  Josh was a little disappointed.  Oh well, we still had a great time together, of course. After dinner, we came back to Utah Valley to get some Christmas shopping done.  PHEW!  What a relief!


October 29th

I could NOT sleep last night.  I had nightmares and crazy anxiety about Sack Boy’s head.  Annie had her costume party at preschool this morning.  She was adorable!

thumb_IMG_9776_1024 thumb_IMG_9794_1024 thumb_IMG_9795_1024 thumb_IMG_9796_1024 thumb_IMG_9797_1024Josh came up with a new plan for the head.  So while Annie was at school, Ethan and I went to Home Depot and bought some insulation foam.  We also stopped at Les Schwab to have our flat tire fixed (nail…awesome….everything in my life is breaking). I finished the rest of Ashton’s costume during the day.  Then, when I was about to have a panic attack, Josh came home from work early to save the day! We worked on that thing for the rest of the afternoon and evening… thumb_IMG_9801_1024 thumb_IMG_9805_1024 thumb_IMG_9808_1024

I sewed the head cover while Josh and Eddie ran to buy Dad’s birthday present (which I was in charge of and had no idea how I was ever going to get everything done).  Again, Josh saved the day. I almost bailed out of The Cheesecake Factory with the girls.  I even told them I couldn’t go but Josh insisted that I take a break.  So I hurried and took a shower and went out with these fun girls.thumb_IMG_9813_1024

I got home at midnight.  Josh had finished almost all of the head.  I put the finishing touches on the costume and went to bed at 2 AM.

October 28th

Oh my gosh!  I can’t wait until this week is OVER!!!  Our house is a complete DISASTER!!!  Our microwave broke a couple days ago, the washer and dryer are still in a limbo situation, this costume is consuming every bit of my extra time and then my sewing machine broke!  So this morning, I drove around running errands and getting my sewing machine fixed (which actually happened!  YEAH-HOOOOO!) I didn’t get a chance to work on the costume until the kids were in bed.  That was the time Josh also got home with a new microwave.  We had to drill and make such a mess to make the new one fit. UUUUGGGHHH!!!  A DISASTER!

thumb_IMG_9769_1024 thumb_IMG_9771_1024

Every bit of our counter space is filled with messes from different projects.  Josh helped me with Ashton’s Sack Boy head tonight.  After another trip to Home Depot, hours of waiting and thinking, we found out that it wasn’t going to work.  We were up until 1 AM messing with it.thumb_IMG_9772_1024

October 10th

Today was our ONE FULL DAY of fun with everyone! The weather was PERFECT!!!!! (Oh, this is the view from our hotel floor)


We went to the Freedom Tower and Memorial. Josh and I walked off and had some quiet, reflection time.  It was overwhelming, so powerful.  I cried a lot, especially when someone found a name on the memorial and put a flower in. Oh, the ugly cry was sooooo wanting to start but I held it back.thumb_IMG_9078_1024thumb_IMG_9080_1024 thumb_IMG_9086_1024

The Survivor Treethumb_IMG_9084_1024Then we went to Canal Street to buy some junkthumb_IMG_9098_1024

thumb_IMG_9093_1024 thumb_IMG_9105_1024

We ate dinner at Fogo De Chao.  SOOOOOOO YUMMY!!!!! The guys, not very excitedly, joined us on Broadway tonight to see “The Lion King”.  Josh fell asleep for juuuuust minute, maybe to songs….maybe three….thumb_IMG_9110_1024

Then we walked around Times Square and tried to find a sports bar to watch the Utah football game.  We had no luck….thumb_IMG_9125_1024

HOWEVER, we just happened to pass by a Magnolia Bakery!!!! We grabbed some Banana Pudding to share.  I have never seen Josh LOVE something edible so much!!!! Seriously. SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!thumb_IMG_9129_1024

We all went back to our rooms to watch the game and I fell right to sleep in the 3rd quarter.

October 9th

This was a full day of conference and meetings for the guys.  Tonya, Linz and I started the day with a Lobster Tail pastry from Carlo’s Bakery.  I could eat more of these in my life.


Then we jumped on a bus for a city tour (DO NOT use the Open Loop service.  It has to be the worst and WE got it!)thumb_IMG_9013_1024 thumb_IMG_9017_1024 We went to the top of the Empire State Building.


The guys workedthumb_IMG_9033_1024

Then we rode the bus to the Statue of Liberty ferry, seeing all the amazing buildings along the waythumb_IMG_9047_1024 thumb_IMG_9051_1024

By the time we got off the ferry, it was starting to rain.  We ran to catch the subway back to the hotel. At each stop, I could see more and more soaking people with umbrellas and TONS of water pouring from the ceilings sometimes. :O thumb_IMG_9056_1024

I had to change from my wet clothes and then we rushed off to our dinner reservation (which we were 30 minutes late for).  It was soooo yummy. (The guys ate here later when all their meetings ended)thumb_IMG_9057_1024

The girls and I went to see “The Phantom of the Opera”.  It was EXCELLENT, as always.  It reminded me how totally obsessed I was with it in high school.  It has been so long since I listened to the music and all those memories came rushing back.  I sat there in a nostalgic trance the whole time.thumb_IMG_9065_1024

We met up with the guys afterwards and went to Max Brenner for dessert.thumb_IMG_9069_1024