The Whole Family

January 17th

From the minute she woke up this morning, Annie was asking me for some FABRIC.  She kept saying “Mom, can I please have a piece of fabric to make something? And some pins?” She had school and then she played with Hailey all afternoon.  I thought she’d forget all about it but she didn’t. When I was about to make dinner, she asked again and I said “Sorry, I packed up all the fabric”.  She went and got some toilet paper and asked for some safety pins.  This girl!  So I forced my lazy self to go find her some fabric.  She wanted to make a heart pillow.  Emmy found some super soft fabric and decided to make a pillow case.  I love my little seamstress girls.


Josh had bishopric meeting and Ash had scouts.

January 16th

No school means sleep in until I make everyone get to work.  UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_9529

I had big dreams of going out of town for this long weekend. BUUUUT Josh is way too busy for that and let’s face it, we shouldn’t be spending all kinds of money on vacations right now.  So I let these guys chill out with the Wii.  Sometimes kids can just sit around doing nothing, right?  I don’t ALWAYS have to provide some kind of activity, right? Ash, M and E played New Super Mario Bros on the WiiU.  It is so cute that they can all play it together.


Just Dance


Josh came home from work early today!!!!!  WHAT A CRAZY AWESOME SURPRISE!!!  He was going to take Ash and E to the golf course to practice snowboarding but we all decided to join him.  I was so surprised by Annie’s insistence on snowboarding.  SHE LOVED IT and was so good at it!!!!


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When everyone was done snowboarding, we went to the sledding hill.  Ash went down on his snowboard and was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!  We had so much fun together.  Then we got food at Little Acorn and went home.  What an amazing afternoon!  I loved every second.

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Josh went to the Factory to help his dad work on his car. It was Mike’s birthday.  When Josh got there, he noticed water seeping into the unit and a couple boxes were soaked.  I brought the water-damaged things home.  It ended up being mostly Emmy’s school stuff and my photo albums from college and mission.  Sad.  I had to throw away a ton of papers that turned into water-colored globs. SO SAD.  But we still saved most of it.


January 15th

We went to church as usual.  Josh and the kids stayed up late watching “My Girl” and “Middle School:The Worst Years of My Life” while I was at Rob’s last night.  So they were all barely able to sit up in Sacrament Meeting.  Annie wimpered through most of it, telling me she just wanted to go home.  She is used to just going to Sacrament meeting lately with Christmas, New Years and all the snow storms.

We made cookies for Grammy’s.


Then we went to see Eddie’s new house.  It is beautiful, especially on a snowy evening.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_952f

Then to Grammy’s for dinner.


Oh and guess what.  Tomorrow there is NO SCHOOL for MLK Day.  So once again, another sibling sleep over and movies late into the night.

January 14th

Josh woke up early to work on the deck.  We cleaned the house and then went to help.  We stopped at the gas station for treats and lunch for Dad. These guys, thanks to their dad, are gas station pro’s.  They just go wherever and get things that I would never even imagine getting.  I went to check on the girls and Em was helping Annie mix a frazil slushie.


Doug came to help Josh and was there ALL DAY!  SO NICE.  I stood around handing them screws and tools but really I wasn’t much help.  So the kiddies cleaned for a while then we went back home.


Here is our deck ALL FINISHED!!!!!!  HALLELUIAH!!!!!  It is gorgeous!!!


When Josh got home, he was pretty tired.  I really wanted to go over and help at Rob’s again so I left Josh with the kids and went over at about 6. Everyone was there helping!  I am so glad I went over.  It was so fun again.  I just helped paint doors and some cabinets.


January 13th

The kids didn’t have school today.  I swear, they are out of school more often than they are IN.  Aaaaaah well.  If I weren’t sooooo attached to my schedule, I might be happier about it.  Ashton had basketball practice this morning.  Then, since Annie has been BEGGING to go swimming every single day, we went to the Provo Rec.  We brought Druw so he and Ash could play basketball.  It’s good we brought Druw so someone could swim with E.  Emmy just sat with me the whole time, just reading and playing with my hair.  Ashton played basketball and did NOT want to swim.  I can’t blame him.  I wasn’t getting in that water, either!


Then we came home and these guys colored and played the piano and the Wii.


When the kiddies were all settled, drawing and watching movies, I went over to the house to help Josh with the deck.  It HAS to be finished by tomorrow.


I went home at 5 (picking up pizza on the way home) and Josh worked until it was too dark.  Then we all watched “BIG”.  There is the bra scene that I was anticipating skipping.  When it was close, I told Josh to fast forward.  He said to Siri “Skip ahead two minutes”.  Welp, that put us right exactly where he is touching her boob.  OH. MY. GOSH!!!!  We were dying because it had to stay on that scene while we got the remote to obey the next command.  Sheesh!  We are really good parents.