The Whole Family

February 17th

I went to the house with Josh this morning.  Here is the front porch all painted!  

The painters were there all night and we were so excited to see their work.  It’s a good thing we stopped by because I had to remind them that Emmy’s room was supposed to be white, NOT the same as the rest of the house.  I felt bad, but they were super nice and got right on it.

The family room looks AMAZING!!!!

Emmy and Annie got to go to Gwen Bingham’s for a movie night. What a party!  They watched “Trolls”.

We left Ash and Ethan home to watch “Dr. Strange” and Ashton babysat while Josh and I worked on our kitchen ceiling wood all night.  Ash and Emmy put Annie to bed and took great care of Ethan.  The painters were also at the house all night.

Here is a tiny fraction of the wood Josh and I pre-stained tonight.  Josh was working on them from noon until 11 PM.  I only joined him from 6:00-11 PM.  

February 16th

Annie got to go to Lowe’s XTreme Airsports for Hunter Richards’ birthday party.  Always a blast!

Steph’s tire blew on her way home so Kyn stayed over at our house after school for a little bit.  She and E practiced their spelling words together. 

Ethan did NOT want to practice the piano.  Can you tell where he is hiding and crying?

Yep, far FAR away from the piano in the pantry.  He really made it hard on himself having a little meltdown about practicing.  He finally did it and was finished very quickly and easily.  Silly boy.

More football.  This was the biggest neighborhood game I’ve ever seen!

I met Josh at the house.  The deck is almost finished!  When I went out, I seriously couldn’t breathe.  It is so beautiful, so huge, so completely overwhelming.  I may have been close to a real heart attack.

Bart painted the front porch tonight!!!!

Madeline stopped by to give Emmy one last hug before moving to California tomorrow.  Another pen pal for Emmy!  Fun!

February 15th

Today was a little bit frantic.  This morning, I cleaned the house as quickly as I could, running on the treadmill in between, hurried to the store, picked up Annie, met Josh at the house to talk about paint colors, then back home to deliver Pack Night flyers.  It was a beautiful day so Annie decided to drive her carriage around the ‘hood while I took the flyers.  She LOVES it!

A dare devil already…NO HANDS!

Then my poor little doll was soooo hungry.  I made her lunch, continued cleaning, took a shower, Annie left for dance, I picked up the big kids and brought them home, including Jayda and Drake (who we were babysitting), then hurried to pick up Annie and Pais from dance.  The rest of the afternoon, the kiddies all played with Kassy’s kids. 

Ashton was playing football all afternoon.  He came in at dinner time and was very frustrated and sad about football.  I am so glad Josh was around and could take care of our little buddy.  I don’t know how to handle these sadnesses.  I just hug him and let him be sad for a minute.  Josh took him to his basketball game and everything seemed to be all better.  When I was tucking Ash in, he told me that his teacher scolded him a tiny bit for something that wasn’t really happening and this made him cry also.  Hopefully it was just a bad day and I hope tomorrow is better.  My sweet, sensitive guy.  Praying for a happy day.  Josh has been working at the house all night.  It is now 11:33 and I have caught up for a whole month of journal writing.  

February 14th


Josh and I got to sleep in.  It was magical.  Then we came home to get back to all our responsibilities, by way of IKEA.  He dropped me off at home and I went to pick up Annie and Parks.  Then Annie and I frosted a ton of sugar cookies all afternoon.  I picked up the kids, listened to their V-day stories, and delivered cookies to Josh at work.  Josh bought us flowers and chocolate covered strawberries.  

We got dinner from Little Acorn and then played Emmy’s new game called “BUNZO”.  She had a dream about it last night and we HAD to try it.  There is this sign that the person who is “Bunzo” hides behind a closed door in the house.  When it has been hidden and the others have counted to 100 or some other number, they all go running to find the hidden sign.  Whoever finds it yells “I’M BUNZO!!!!” and they get to hide it next.  SO FUNNY!

February 13th

Today was Mustache Day for Spirit Week.  

We got the kiddies off to school and then Josh and I headed to Salt Lake for a staycation/Valentine’s Date.  We stayed at the Little America Hotel and it was GORGEOUS!  We went to the Jazz Game tonight (they lost, but it was great because I was with Josh).

(Yalaina babysat the babes for us)